Our Story

Our Journey

We came up with the idea of ​​making kapas paduka, shoe brand when we saw all the shoe manufacturers making shoes but avoiding the facts of pure environment mission and keep polluting the environment as well.

How study says (A shoe makes 30 pounds of carbon dioxide, and more than 15 billion pairs are made annually. As the shoe slowly begins to break down, manufacturing materials begin to escape into the soil plus water, so that you may aid in spreading awareness of the problem.)

Shoe made with rPET water bottles, mountains & ground bottles. 

An action that can be taken to increase sustainability and lessen the amount of waste that individuals make.
One of them would be to recycled plastic bottles that are found in the oceans, mountains, and landscape and turn them into new products. As was already noted, plastic bottles can be used to create a variety of high-quality items, including shoes and purses. Yes, Kapas Paduka proudly collaborate to those who are collecting plastic wastes and recycling into reusable plastic yarns into fabrication.

Kapas Paduka Recycled Sneakers

कपास पादुका एक सर्वोत्तम ब्राण्ड है जिसका प्रमुख दायित्व धरती को दूषित होने से रोकना है और मानव कल्याण हेतु टिकाऊ उत्पादों को बनाना है। (Kapas Paduka is a best shoe brand whose main responsibility is to stop contamination of the earth and to make sustainable products for human welfare.)