What do you understand by sustainable shoe?

Sustainable shoe industry

Kapas Paduka. How do we helping sustainability mission worldwide from most social, economic & environmental sustainable country., Yes India (Bharat) ?

keeping shoe industry sustainable are worldwide mission and Kapas Paduka stand with this mission By using recycled materials which is certified by reputed organization GRS (Global Recycle Standard Certification), low carbon emission (An organization’s commitment to decarbonization and the neutralisation of residual effects through the funding of environmental projects is demonstrated by a carbon neutral certification.

What does a carbon footprint mean?

A carbon neutral footprint is one where the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) is balanced out by carbon credits or natural carbon sinks.) materials & more.  

Kapas paduka firmly believing & following all elements in shoe making. our products are 100% recycled and biodegradable.

”Consumers increasingly expect businesses to play a key role in the fight against climate change. We put a lot of effort into calculating, reducing, and offsetting our carbon footprint, and we choose the Carbon Trust to independently certify our efforts. The Carbon Trust emblem enables our customers to recognize the environmental preservation standards we hold ourselves to.”

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