Discover the benefits of using sustainable materials like cotton, rubber, recycled EVA insoles, and cork recycled rubber soles, combined with an anti-bacterial foam lining, for a shoe design that is both eco-friendly and health-conscious. Cotton, a natural and renewable material, offers breathability and comfort, while being biodegradable and environmentally safe. Responsibly sourced rubber provides durability and excellent support. Recycled EVA, crafted from recycled materials, minimizes waste and reduces reliance on new resources.

The cork recycled rubber soles add an additional sustainable element, providing a cushioned and flexible base for your feet. The anti-bacterial foam lining not only keeps shoes fresh and odor-free but also lowers the risk of skin irritation and infections. Embrace these sustainable elements and enjoy fashionable footwear that prioritizes comfort. To enhance flexibility, our shoes feature toe region grooves, allowing easy bending. With our innovative antiskid sole technology, Kapas Paduka shoes ensure slip-free steps even on wet surfaces, providing you with confident and steady walks.

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